Financial Advisor for Superstar  Women in Tech.

You have stock options and RSUs.

You want to know whether you’re on track to attain your goals. My mission is to guide you to financial freedom.

Financial Expertise, And Much More

You have a confusing alphabet soup of stock compensation: RSUs, NSO, ISO, ESPP. You may have accumulated several old 401(k)s.

I start by addressing your urgent questions. We then shift to your bigger picture, exploring your values, goals, and money story. As a CFP® professional, my goal is to be your lifelong advocate and help you make great decisions.

How I can help.

We’ll review all aspects of your financial life. I also want to be your first call to proactively help you make great decisions. This could mean negotiating comp, or buying a house.

Meet Jane.

I love being a financial planner. I really enjoy building deep, lifelong relationships with my clients. I purposefully work with a limited number of clients so that I can provide high-quality and proactive service.

I offer deep technical expertise in equity compensation, which isn’t widely available.  What’s even harder to find is someone who will make you feel welcomed. My promises to you:

  • I speak honestly and directly, using plain English rather than opaque jargon
  • For couples, I communicate with BOTH spouses (not just the higher earner)
  • I will be a thoughtful and kind person who treats you respectfully

Outside of work, I enjoy live comedy, container gardening, and all things Star Wars.

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You’ve Been Promoted: A Guide to Your Compensation Package

It’s performance assessment season. You’ve earned a well-deserved promotion at work. Hopefully the new job title also comes with more money! I’d like to discuss the four components of your updated compensation package: cash compensation, equity compensation, employee benefits, and taxes. Cash

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Your stock options are complicated. You may have several questions: When should I exercise? What should I do with the shares once we go public? What is a lock-up period? How does the tax part work? What the heck is AMT? The IPO market is thawing. Soon, you’ll be able to convert your stock op

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Restricted stock units (RSUs) are a form of equity compensation. The vesting schedule dictates how many shares of company stock you earn, and when. You pay income taxes on the value of the RSUs as they vest. And you pay capital gains taxes when you sell the shares.

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Thinking of Leaving the Bay Area? Be Aware of These Pitfalls

Escaping the Bay Area or California altogether has been a hot topic in the news. In 2020, many people left the expensive Bay Area, which led to massive drops in SF rents. I was interviewed on KQED Forum in September 2020 on this topic (I come in at the 37:18 mark). But a July 2021 study by the Unive