Does this sound like you?

“My company is going public. What should I do with my equity? How does the tax part work? I’m excited but overwhelmed – help!”

Financial Clarity

I help Superstar Women in Tech figure out when to exercise options, sell shares, and plan for taxes.

What’s even more important is deciding what to do with the money. Money is a tool to help you flourish and stay resilient. A windfall from stock options and RSUs opens a world of possibilities, which I’ll help you navigate.

Jane Financial Clients

  • Annual household income $500K+
  • Net worth $1M+
  • 0-2 years away from stock option or RSU windfall (IPO, direct listing, merger/acquisition, or tender offer)
  • Bay Area resident
  • Millennial or Gen X (median age of Jane Financial clients: 39)
  • Seeking an ongoing, long-term relationship with a trusted financial planner
  • Limited time, energy, and/or interest in managing finances on your own


From Day One, I’m your advocate and thinking partner. We start by addressing your urgent questions.

We then explore your values, goals, and money story. And I’ll help you inventory what you own and owe. Getting to know you allows me to customize recommendations.

We’ll review all aspects of your financial life. If you have young children, we might decide to focus on insurance, for example.

As your life evolves over the years, we’ll continue to review all aspects of your financial life.

Values and Goals
What's Your "Why"
Cash Flow
Values-based Spending
Financial Independence
Your Path To "Work Optional"
Investment Management
Unified Strategy Across All Accounts
Tax Planning
Avoid Overpaying Taxes
Equity Compensation
Stock Option And RSU Strategy
Employee Benefits
Select Benefits and 401(k) Investments
Have The Right Amount Of Protections In Place
Estate Planning
Leave A Legacy

Ongoing Care

Because the “paint never dries,” we have an Annual Review Meeting to review accomplishments and your financial snapshots. We also discuss whether your priorities have shifted, and refresh your financial plan.

Throughout the year, I’ll monitor progress on your (and my) action items. I’ll be scanning the horizon for tax policy and other economic changes that may impact your financial plan. If office chatter on a money topic piques your curiosity, run your question by me.

I’m also counting on you to call/text/email as things change. This allows me to help you respond proactively as life unfolds. Recent examples of “life unfolding” include:

Career Transitions
-Review offer letters
-Comp negotiation strategy
-Helped a client decide to not pursue a stressful promotion due to hefty RSU income
Caring for Parents
-Determine how much financial support to provide
-Decide whether the support should be building an ADU or ongoing cash gifts, for example
Home/Real Estate
-Mortgage strategy: huge down payment vs. mortgage
-Trading up: how to buy and sell home at the same time
-Pros/cons of investment rental properties

Investment Management

One Component of Your Financial Plan

Imagine a physical exam where the doctor taps your knee to test reflexes, but skips everything else.

This is the medical equivalent of old-school financial advisors who only focus on investments and disregard comprehensive financial planning.

My process leads with financial planning. And I require portfolio management to ensure that you’re investing according to your broader financial plan.


  • Use a disciplined, long-term approach that balances stocks, bonds, and cash.
  • Align your investment strategy with your goals.
  • Minimize costs and taxes.


Jane Financial, LLC is a fee-only fiduciary. I’m only paid by you, the client. I don’t make money from product commissions.

Unlike the vast majority of financial advisors, I don’t charge a percentage of assets (the “Assets Under Management” fee model). Instead, I charge a flat retainer based on the complexity of your financial situation. This fee model is more aligned with the services I offer, which emphasizes comprehensive financial planning.

This fee starts at $15,000 per year and is charged on a quarterly basis.

In contrast to an attorney’s use of retainers, my fee isn’t a prepayment of a fixed number of hours. Instead, you pay one fee for the year. I want to be your first call when life happens!

To learn more, the first step is to schedule a free consultation.

I would love to chat about where you are today, and where you want to go.