15 Tips: How Superstar Women Make Their Money Work For Them

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I recently shared 15 tips on how my Superstar Women clients make the most of their stock compensation, 401(k), cash management, and investments. I’ve compiled them here. You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for future tips.

tip1 company lockup financial advice























Tip #2: Post-IPO Emotional Roller Coaster

Superstar Women are ready for an emotional roller coaster post-IPO. The stock price could skyrocket a la Twitter, or dip below the IPO price a la Zynga.

zynga stock price ipo 6 months








tip 3 stock position post lockup

tip 4 espp

tip 5 401k match






















tip 6 401k non elective





















3 month emergency fund






















pay bills without dipping into emer fund






















emergency fund 401k savings






















role of stocks and bonds






















right asset mix goals horizon























stocks and bonds portfolio





















buy a smaller house






















protect from catastrophic illness





















liability insurance 2x worth

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